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 Kids Club


The Coolest Game In Town!!!

The newest and coolest Kid’s Club in Fresno is now accepting new members and you could be one of them!  First, check with your parents to make sure its okay.  Then fill out this form and send it to the Falcons office with your payment.  You must be 12 years old or younger to join.

There is a $20 membership fee per child per season. 

When you join the Kid’s Club you will receive:

  • Kid’s Club Membership Card

  • Kid’s Club T-Shirt

  • Exclusive Skate with the Team

  • Exclusive Pizza Party with the team

  • One ticket to the Season Home Opener

  • 10% discount on Falcons youth apparel

  •  Birthday Card from Freddie

    Members who register prior to December 1 will be entered to win lunch with one Falcons Player (one winner per season)
    *  All items subject to change


Name: ________________________   Age: ________

Grade: ______   Birthday: __________


Address: ____________________________________


City: _____________   State: _______   Zip: ________


Phone: _______________   Email: _________________


Seat Section: _________   Row: ________   Seat Number: ______


Interested in holding your birthday bash with the Falcons?    Y     N


School: _______________   Parent’s Name: _____________________


T-Shirt Size: (circle one) Youth-S Youth-M  Youth-L  Adult-S  Adult-M


Total number of Members ____ @ $20 per child = $________


Method of Payment: ___Cash  ____Check  ______________________ Credit


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