Elite fitness by former British Commandos

April 9th, 2014

Royal-marines-fresnoThis week we wanted to take a leaf out of the Royal Marines fitness book and recruited Craig Williams of the Royal Marines Training blog to put us through our paces.  Craig is a former Commando with 15 years of training experience under his belt…  we believe that would equate to about 30 years of standard fitness training due to the intensity and hard core nature of the exorcise he is accustomed ton and that he regularly puts his recruits through.

Many of his training routines are contained in his blog Royal Marines Training.com, but we have listed a number of the biggest ass-kickin sessions below as an indication of how hard we worked in pursuit of a fitness level the Fresno Falcons have before before reached.

Session 1

Warm up – Build a Burpee

  • 100 Jump Squats
  • 75 Squat Thrusts
  • 50 Press Ups
  • 25 Gold Standard Burpees

Summary. Warm up!!! is this guy for real. This part of the session took on average 7.5 mins, but it was 7.5 mins of heart thumping, muscle burning cardio training using nothing but body weight and large compound movements. The hip flexors are said to be the most over used under training muscles i the body, but this warm up taught them a tough hard lesson in getting their ass in gear. Build a burpee is a great starter and finisher to a session, but do not under estimate how effective it would be as a stand alone fitness session.

Main Session – AMRAP 21 mins

  • 5 Pull ups
  • 10 Press Ups
  • 15 Squats
  • 400m Sprint

Summary -  Again it was easy to see where the royal marines commando got their reputation for being no nonsense soldiers with a relentless capacity for endurance and a tough fighting nature. This session supplemented the warm up and had the heart and lungs begging for air almost as  much as the muscles begged for rest.

Fitness is often measured on the amount of work conducted in a set time span.. I can honestly say that I simply could not work any harder than I did and i achieved a measly 6 rounds. Royal Marines recruits are reported to require a minimum of 7 to even get an interview for the marines. ‘

Finisher – Tabata Sandwich

  • Tabata sprints
  • 21, 15 9 Cleans (40kg), burpees.
  • Tabata row

Summary – Yep… no other word for it… finisher! We were wiped at this point and Craig tried to sell it as 12 mins of work! He didn’t quite mention that actually it was 12 mins of sheer sweat inducing, lung busting turmoil. We were spent. Our bodies shook with pumping adrenaline and depleted blood sugar. Marine-Training (2)

Our minds hardly functioned as Craig explained the need for us to drink plenty and start refueling immediately.  He was right though, we were well and truly into the vital hour and as we learnt in the Bootneck Blueprint, authored by Craig Williams, the body was in a primed state for protein and nutrient absorption. To get fit we need 3 things…

  1. An effective training session… holy shoot had we just had that
  2. A balanced nutrition plan… desperately working on it to replenish the energy expelled
  3. Rest!!! Hallelujah.

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Signs of The Right Training Intensity

March 27th, 2014

Training with the right intensity will be helpful for you to get good results from workout. When carried out properly, you may be able to get muscle toning, power, strength and even weight loss better than any weight loss camp

The right intensity training implies that you have to incorporate intense exercises periods into a low intensity workout. These intervals will normally range from 15 to 60 seconds. For instance, if your jogging pace is 8 minutes per mile, then after a minute, you can decide to run as fast as you can for exactly 15 seconds. After this, you will have to go back to your initial pace of 8 minutes per mile as you keep the cycle moving.

However, as much as you are training, you have to note which intensity is best for you. The type of intensity will be dependent on what you intend to achieve in your exercises whilst you are at Team Bootcamp.

  • If you want to lose weight, but keep your muscles, then you will be needed to increase your endurance and then shorten your work out.
  • Those individuals looking to increase their endurance and explosiveness can benefit greatly from this exercise. It allows you to work both your anaerobic and aerobic systems.

There are important things that you have to remember while doing your interval training.

  • Eat something small that is easily digestible nearly 30 minutes before you start your workout. Doing this increases the intensity and duration of workouts.
  • To prevent injuries, always warm up before you start your workouts.
  • Don’t hold back when it comes to high intensity intervals. Give it all your best as it takes only a short time.
  • Always listen to your body. Pay attention to anything unordinary. Your workout will be intense and tiring. Stop right away if you experience anything strange to your body.
  • For you to burn your big muscles, you will have to work out your big muscles. More energy will be needed for your large muscle groups, thus burning more calories.
  • Cool down always. Most of the people just stop when they think they are done with their workout. You must have to cool down so as to complete your workout. Those people doing high intensity intervals will experience high rate and as a result they should not let it drop so quickly.

You will get amazing results if you do your high intensity training intervals properly. If you are serious about shaping yourself, then you ought to check in to the best boot camp or find the best fitness boot camp for you here.

There are programs that can really be helpful in your high intensity training intervals. These programs include adult fat camp program. They are very useful if applied properly.

Pre-season Training CONT

March 24th, 2014

I wanted to continue the post about our pre-season training at TEAM Boot camp in the UK. I felt like I needed to explain how this relatively quiet and secluded English country manor is not only the best boot camp in the UK, but also boasts the very best fitness training that me and the rest of the team have ever experienced.

Why The Best Boot Camp UK?

Well that’s pretty easy to answer, and there are a few factors:

  • Unrivaled location.
  • Amazing and incredibly knowledgeable trainers.
  • Great Paleo Food.
  • Welcoming staff that CARE!

All providing an over whelming experience that will stay with us for ever.



What Now?

Well I am glad to say that TEAM Bootcamp taught us many things including how to train efficiently and how to get the very best results in the shortest time. We also learnt how to eat not only for better long lasting health, but also to fuel and support the exercise and competing we do.

We are all strictly Paleo and getting some great results. I cannot wait for the season to start and we can see if all these burpees. press ups,m sit ups and sprints have benefited us as much as we think they have.



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Pre-season Training roaring success at Team Boot Camp UK.

March 19th, 2014

With great intrepidation we set off for our pre-season training at the best fitness boot camp in the UK. TEAM Bootcamp is pretty unassuming place. Well actually it is a beautiful English country manor house stooped in history and to look at, there is nothing obvious to suggest that this is one of the toughest fitness boot camp training facilities in the world.

We were met by camp mummy Paula, who showed us to our rooms and we immediately knew that this was no ordinary pre-season training camp. The rooms were most definitely optimized for rest and boy were we glad. First up was the welcome brief. There was strict military feel to the whole thing, which I know the boys wanted, but it did spin me out a little. Saying that the instructors were incredibly fair and unbelievably knowledgeable.

So we got stuck in. The first sessions was called ‘Welcome to TEAM Bootcamp’ which was an orientation to the grounds and an introduction to the basic movements we will need at boot camp. After that, our world shuddered as we got stuck into the real work. The custom built assault course looked relatively easy at first glance, but after 10 laps, we were certainly feeling it.

Big Dave the lead trainer at TEAM put a lot of time and effort into creating a bespoke programme for the whole Fresno boys and we spent a lot of time conditioning the legs especially the hip flexors and the posterior chain. We learnt lots of new exercises with a whole host of different fitness exercises that hit every muscle in the body. Even muscles we didn’t realize we had!

After a few days of this punishing routine we were certainly feeling it and I even struggled to sit down or get into bed, but that’s a good thing though eh?

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about our fitness boot camp experience without mentioning the food. TEAM stick to a very strict Paleo nutrition plan and my god was it tasty. We had an abundance of good quality meat and protein as well as a plethora of fresh veg especially the green leafy kinds.

We felt hunger on a few occasions, but the feelings were more often than not withdrawal symptoms from refined sugar. Not only was the food extremely tasty, but the volume was perfect for our goals. We wanted to lean out, but also fuel growth and fitness so our bodies can adapt.

The boys returned from the UK feeling fitter, stringer and certainly more positive with the new season looming. I have to say thank you to Craig and Paula of TEAM Bootcamp for an amazing fitness boot camp experience that none of us will forget. We very much hope to get back next year for much of the same.

If you would like more information on TEAM Bootcamp and check out the testimonials page. This is a very special place that dramatically changes lives every week , but can also provide a great service to people in competitive sports.

You can also find them on Facebook at TeamBootcamp3d